Merick Pelgrad

20 year old human male from Umgul


Name: Merik Pelgrad
Age: 20
Sex: Male
Height: 1.7m

Class: Fringer
Race: Human

Home Planet: Umgul

Physical Description: A man of average stature and build. Green and orange goggles push back spiky blue hair out of his bright green eyes. The look of youth emanates from his tanned and unscarred skin, and a crooked smirk often adorns his face.

Clothing: Heavy black combat boots climb up his calves where his beige canvas cargo pants tuck in to the tops. A heavy red coat with blue trim, several pockets, a zip up front, and heavily stained by machine oil, cover a freshly laundered orange t-shirt. And on his head a pair of green and orange goggles pushes back his hair.

Personality: Adventurous at heart, but often cautious, Merik enjoys new experiences but avoids danger whenever possible. He maintains a cheerful demeanor even in the face of adversity, cracking jokes with the droids that he often surrounds himself with.


Merick’s parents died when he was very young after spice miners raided his home town. He went to live with his uncle Renold and spent many hours in his uncle’s droid shop tinkering. At the age of 16 he began working on small charter ships in system, fixing ship systems and droids in flight and during maintenance periods. Merick also became a skilled gambler, never cheating however, due to the strict death penalty for any who cheat, especially at the blob races. At 19 he left Umgul and Renold to travel the galaxy.

Merick Pelgrad

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